If you weren’t born knowing how
to get and stay organized, there’s hope.

Our simple step-by-step method teaches you
where to start, what to do, and how to keep it up.








Learn the steps.


Get your projects done.

Become an organizing hero!

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We believe organizing is a skill some people are born with, and most people can learn. Just like learning your ABC’s so you can read.

Once you learn the skill, you can start and complete any organizing project, thus transforming your home, office, and life.

For 20 years we’ve fought the false assumption that people should know how to be organized and that, if they don’t, they should feel embarrassed or ashamed. Just like most people can’t sit down at a piano and play without ever being taught, most people don’t know how to organize until they’re shown how.


The good news is that anyone can get and stay organized if they have a few simple steps to follow. We call these steps The Clear & Simple Way©. We’ve shown over 100,000 people around the world their situation is not hopeless and that they can tackle any project successfully once they have the steps.

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You deserve to live and work in a space
that suits and supports you.


Proven Success

We’ve helped over 100,000
(previously hopeless)
people learn how to get
and stay organized by
following our easy steps.

Flexible Approach

This approach is flexible
to fit your schedule
and your life. Use the steps
on small or large projects,
at home or at the office.

Start to Finish

Getting organized can save
hundreds of dollars and
hundreds of hours. Find out
where to start, what to do,
and how to keep it up.

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I can have a life of beauty and order which seemed impossible for most of my life. Anyone can do this with the right help.

Sylvia Nibley,
Grow Your Business Organically

Clear & Simple, Marla Dee, Kate Fehr, Merrilee Buchanan

Clear & Simple changed the way I think about organizing and living more simply. Their systems make it easy.

Merrilee Buchanan,
Villa Leadership

Clear & Simple, Marla Dee, Kate Fehr, Tiffany Peterson

I’ve worked with Clear & Simple many times and it’s been worth every red cent. It even helps me attract more clients due to the new openness, creativity, and peace that is the result of organization.

Tiffany Peterson,
Tiffany Speaks

Why people choose The Clear & Simple Way©

The steps work for small and large projects.

The steps are flexible and can be adapted to your personality.

The steps have worked for over 100,000 people.

Clear & Simple has helped people get organized for 20 years.

You can apply the same steps to homes and office.

The steps take the frustration, confusion, and overwhelm out of organizing.

If you have ever struggled getting or staying organized,
The Clear & Simple steps will make it easier. You can now do any project, any time, and celebrate your success.

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